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About Us

In 2001, we’ve set up Wangtech NanoTEC & MicrowaveAPP Team to participate actively in Russia who organized the first world nano seminar, and in 2002 signed with Nano-diamond particle size (UDD-Ultra Dispersed Diamonds) process patent inventor Dr.  Dolmatov, JSC Diamond Centre, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation and its research and technical cooperation. And by the technical advisors of Dr. Y.B. Bark, Prof. Igor a. Kissy - Head of Laboratory, Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences to develop nano-materials. 


During the R&D period for application of nano-carbon molecule has focused on the 4-90nm, this unprecedented level of new materials and their application in the field of fuel saving & relevant cooling additives and establishing the feasibility of nano-diamond refine molecules. In ongoing research and development at the same time, to seek more economical Nano carbon isomers molecular replaces expensive diamonds.


2003, We started to work with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) South Branch for a new carbon molecular- HCNC (Hollow Carbon Nano capsules) and obtained to using this lower cost, and high purity, and very high hydrogen Atomic adsorption capacity, and approximate diamond of electrical conductivity and the thermal conductivity. 


Aug. 2008 preparation of finished products for actual road 3,300 km test in China and the test court confirmed results are amazing. 


Dec. 2011 officially announcement exhibition in ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) South Branch.  


May 2012 established mass production line for the product-NGT(Nano Graphite Teblets)  to achieve a very low price to the market. 


We will continue to care for our service and towards the development of a new generation of fuel-efficient, field of nano-lubricating and nano-coolant.


Our experience and technology of nano materials, application on the development closely related to people's livelihood, share with everyone; helps people regardless of new car even used car can save a lot of fuel pay and maintenance expenses. 


Coincidentally, in latest of a period science reported, the global are in concern with formed minimal particles of burning cell molecular monomer concept of development, especially refinement fuel molecular of capacity, such as looking for a " multilayer and high adsorption capacity of monomer Nano molecular ", to disorder the hydrogen atom in the original fuel combined with the transition of carbon-absorbing in order to refine large sturdy fuel molecules, and the HCNC (Hollow Carbon Nano capsules) is "cage of hollow, multi-layers in the cage" 30nm minimal purity carbon nano-molecules.


We thanks our " NanoTEC & MicrowaveAPP Team", For more than ten years  at this field for the efforts, we are honored to say, a items unprecedented, and revolutionary of super province nano fuel additive, through team of cooperation: We've first made it in the world, and hopes therefore can benefit the world as well.

Mr. David Wang

CEO & Inventor

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