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Product Advantages
  • For petrol molecules or diesel ignition uniform and synchronized, combustion efficiency 100%, Improve engine power and performance.

  • Because the combustion efficiency, progressive product of combustion chamber carbon sludge gradually clear.

  • Extension of the spark plugs, injectors, engine exhaust, catalytic converters and other useful life.

  • Purification and stability of fuel quality, improving the resistance to detonation in the engine.

  • Engine mechanical noise reduction, promotion of silent.

  • Highway speeds 90-110Km/hr when driving, fuel consumption savings of  30~42% 

  • Travel speeds in the suburbs 50~70Km/hr when driving, fuel consumption savings of  18~28% 

  • Travel speeds in the city 30~50Km/hr when driving, fuel consumption savings   8~12% 

  • Reduce CO. HC.NOx emission about 25% above.

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